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  • Gasco Products by Industry

    Gasco Products by Industry

    ALUMINIUM Custom designed heaters or dryers for the following: ladles, crucibles, siphon tubes, cathode collector bars, aluminium scrap, moulds, launders,…

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  • Solar Thermal Collectors for Process Heat

    Solar Thermal Collectors for Process Heat

    Solar PV collectors are well known for electricity generation and low temperature hot water.

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  • Electric heating system

    Electric heating system

    Many industries, ranging from off shore oil platforms, refineries, gas plants, on site heavy fuel oil tank farms, pharmaceutical, through

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  • Ovens & Furnaces

    Ovens & Furnaces

    Gasco can supply a solution to your combustion requirements. We design and manufacture specialized burners and systems such as 40…

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  • Scrubbers and Pollution Equipment

    Scrubbers and Pollution Equipment

    Air pollution treatment systems are required to meet government and environmental codes, remove undesirable process by-products and recover valuable waste…

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  • Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Over the years, Gasco has tackled many different and unique problems that are not easily categorised.

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  • Burners & Combustion

    Burners & Combustion

    Burners & Combustion Gasco prides itself as a combustion company on its ability to creatively solve your combustion problems.

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  • Fibreglass & Stonewool Process Equipment

    Fibreglass & Stonewool Process Equipment

    The GCD International division of Gasco Pty Ltd offers services in the design, project management, construction and commissioning of single…

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  • Waste Heat Recovery / HRSG

    Waste Heat Recovery / HRSG

    Waste Heat Recovery systems utilise existing energy sources in order to efficiently generate thermal heat, process heat or electricity.

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  • Gas Conditioning Equipment

    Gas Conditioning Equipment

    Gas Conditioning and Control Skids Gasco designs, fabricates, commissions and services an extensive range of Process Skids for Gas Conditioning…

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  • Hot Oil Heaters

    Hot Oil Heaters

    Gasco manufactures a range of Hot Oil Heaters: 100KW to 7,500KW gas fired, 25KW to 1500KW electric.

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  • Flares


    Gasco together with our technology partner has supplied flares to the oil and gas, flares for petrochemicals, flares for terminals,…

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  • Thermal Oxidizers

    Thermal Oxidizers

    Thermal Oxidiser’s (also known as thermal oxidizer, or thermal incinerator) are a process unit for air pollution control in many…

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  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

    One of today’s most widely accepted air pollution control technologies across industry is a regenerative thermal oxidizer, commonly referred to…

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  • Water Bath Heaters

    Water Bath Heaters

    Water Bath Heaters are Indirect Fired Type Heaters usually designed to API 12K, these devices are traditionally used to heat…

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  • Fired Heaters/Upgrades

    Fired Heaters/Upgrades

    Gasco supplies Fired Heaters to API 560 and ISO 13705 and proprietary Gasco forced draft convective designs.

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