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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

One of today’s most widely accepted air pollution control technologies across industry is a regenerative thermal oxidizer, commonly referred to as a RTO.

They are very versatile and extremely efficient – heat recovery efficiency can reach 95%. This is achieved through the storage of heat by ceramic media. In some applications, the use of catalyst with the ceramic media helps allow oxidation at reduced temperatures resulting in even lower operating costs. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are ideal in low VOC concentrations and during long continuous operations.

Industries that may require a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Adhesive Coating, Aerospace Painting, Air Strippers, Ammonia Streams, Automotive, Bakeries, Food Processing, Chemical Processing, Coil Coating, Co Destruction, Ethylene Oxide, Film Coating, Flexographic Printing, Flexible Packaging, Foil Coating, Formaldehyde, Graphic Arts, Heat-Offset Printing, Laminating, Metal Decorating, Paint Finishing Plastics, Expanded Foam, Petrochemicals, Phenolic Resins, Pulp & Paper, Processing Refinery Off-Gas, Rendering, Spray Coating, Tank Vent, Tape Coating, Tube Coating.

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LNG Plant Acid Gas RTO

Gasco has broken new ground by supplying to Woodside an RTO for the destruction of BTEX in CO2 Acid Gas. The RTO, Process Fans, platforms and ladders have all been pre-assembled and shipped as a single module approximately 25m long x 15m wide x 10m high and weighing 270 tonnes. Additionaly two x 50m tall cyclone resistant stacks for exhaust and emergency bypass are included.