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Chopped Strand Mat / Continuous Filament Mat Manufacturing Machinery

Gasco’s GCD International Fibreglass Textiles Manufacturing Machinery Division has designed and supplied Chopped Strand Mat and Continuous Filament Mat manufacturing machinery to several operating plants in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. The machinery is used by clients to manufacture high quality products for both their local and for export markets.

The Gasco (GCD International Fibreglass Textiles Manufacturing Machinery Division) equipment can be supplied in a number of capacities and can manufacture Powder Mat, Emulsion Mat or both.

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The equipment includes:

  • Strand handling equipment
  • Mat forming equipment including strand length chopping, strand distribution, forming air conditioning and suction, etc.
  • Powder application
  • Emulsion mixing and application
  • Curing oven
  • Product Sizing
  • Product cooling
  • Mat edge trim, slitting, length cutting and roll-up
  • Integrated line conveying system including belt cleaning and control system
  • Electrical and control equipment
  • Environmental equipment for treatment of exhaust gases

The equipment is generally supplied in modular format which allows for factory testing prior to delivery. This format minimizes the amount of site works which is required for installation and commissioning.