Water Bath Heaters

Water Bath Heaters are Indirect Fired Type Heaters usually designed to API 12K, these devices are traditionally used to heat natural gas and oil. The main application for Indirect Fired Water Bath Heaters is to heat high pressure gas prior to pressure reduction.

A water bath heater works by submersing a process coil into a heated bath solution, which then indirectly heats the process liquids and gasses to create energy.

For gas well heads and pipelines, a large reduction in pressure will cause a significant drop in temperature of the gas. This is known as the Joule-Thompson effect, with a loss of temperature of approximately 5°C for each 1000kPa reduction in pressure.

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Subzero temperatures will often occur if preheating is not applied. Full zero temperatures can result in embrittlement of piping and fittings, formation of ice and the formation of hydrates within the pipe with a potential for blockage of filters and regulator/valve seats.

For this reason, heating with a Water Bath Heater is commonly applied before pressure reduction of natural gas.

Heating of gas before gas engines in turbines is another application to avoid liquids and aerosols being injected into engines and turbines.

Another application is heating of high sulphur gas to avoid elemental sulphur deposition at regulator stations and in final engine/turbine pressure cuts.

Water Bath Heaters can be used for heating:

  • Crude Oil
  • Vaporizing and superheating LPG & LNG
  • Regeneration Gas Heating
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Heat sensitive gas and fluids
  • Amine Reboilers
  • TEG Reboilers

A typical water bath heater consists of an insulated shell, removable process coil, removable fire tube, stack burner, gas train and control system.

Gasco options include:

  • Natural Draft Burners
  • Forced Draft Burners
  • Pneumatic Gas Control
  • Electric (Electronic) Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Redundancy for Burners, Valve Trains, Controls
  • Photo Voltaic or Thermoelectric 24V Systems
  • Process Coil Inspections Service to AS/NZS 3788:2006

Gasco can also supply complete gas conditioning skids consisting of Water Bath Heater, Pressure Reduction, Filter Coalescer and Metering.