Energy Transition

Energy Transition, Decarbonising, Energy Efficiency.

Gasco as a supplier to the Energy and Manufacturing Industries worldwide, has strived over the last 30 years to provide Energy Efficient, Affordable and Environmental compliant solutions to our clients.

The world is transitioning to a decarbonised future, Gasco and its international partners are committed to providing a range of products and services to meet the new paradigm.

Gasco is proud of the high quality equipment and services we have supplied and continue to supply.


Gasco has supplied Waste Heat Recovery systems to recover heat and reduce energy cost from a number of high temperature streams in various industries. Gasco has provided Waste Heat Recovery Units and Heat Recovery Steam Generators fitted for the exhaust of Gas Turbines, as an example. Gasco has also Retro Fitted Waste Heat Recovery Systems to existing Thermal Oxidisers, Ovens and Furnaces.


The world is transitioning from fossil fuel to produce power by using Solar, Wind and Stored Hydro. Gasco and its acquired company, Grimwood Electric Heating has been supplying Electric Heaters for over 68 year and as electric heating becomes the dominant mode of heating, Gasco will continue to develop larger and more energy efficient Electrical Heating Solutions.


Gasco can provide an alternative Solar solution for process heating in conjunction with our partners Industrial Solar. We can provide a 24 hour solution to produce steam, molten salt for process heating and power generation.


Gasco can provide a holistic approach from the production to the combustion of Hydrogen to provide heat to industrial process. Gasco has a proven track record over many years of using high content hydrogen waste gas to fire Fired Heaters and Flaring. Gasco has also supplied equipment to companies supplying Hydrogen production facilities. Gasco can provide combustion solutions for companies transitioning from Natural Gas firing. Gasco can also provide a consulting service, or a complete combustion solution.


Gasco in conjunction with BlueGas Technology can provide the technology and plant to produce Syngas or Hydrogen from solid waste using a non-incineration process.

The high quality Syngas can be used to produce Green Hydrogen or be used in gas turbines/engines to produce Electric Power.  Pictured above, the Concord Blue Reformer ® is a revolutionary waste to energy thermolysis reformer which handles the disposal of multi-feedstocks such as municipal solid waste, industry toxic waste, sewage sludge and paper waste.  Go to for further information.


Gasco has designed and built high temperature gas fired combustion systems for Furnaces, Kilns, Process Plant and as such has built up extensive knowledge on kiln design and the impact of firing into an existing furnace; how this can affect the process. Based on this knowledge Gasco can design in conjunction with the client specific Hydrogen Firing Systems to replace existing Natural Gas Firing plant.