Company Experts

Nicholas Grzegorczyn

CEO & Managing Director

Appointed: 2005

Nicholas is responsible for the business management and strategic direction of Gasco and is a successful leader in driving performance, enabling efficient and effective outcomes for the business and its clients.

He has made a major contribution, with the support of the Gasco team, to win tenders, execute projects successfully, and brand Gasco amongst the major oil and gas, mining, power companies and other industries in Australia and globally.

Nicholas was honoured to be featured in articles on behalf of Gasco for Business Review Australia, Resources in Focus and Oil and Gas Year Indonesia.

He was also appointed by the Australian Government over a 2 year period as a representative in resource sector advisory forum as part of the “Buy Australia at Home and Abroad” campaign. Nicholas has demonstrated a passion for the Australian engineering and manufacturing sectors and an avid promoter of local content which produces world class quality.

Nicholas has served on a number of boards being mentored by a leading CEO in his early 30’s. He has attained sound commercial experience in business management and operations, leadership of teams, project management, finance and marketing and has made a major contribution in retaining key staff and clients in his directorship roles.

Nicholas has a Bachelor in Business and is a CPA.

Alan Hovorka

Engineering Director (Process, Oil & Gas)

Appointed: 2002

Alan has a career spanning over 35 years that has involved the design of Furnaces (electric, oil or gas fired), Smelters, Fired Heaters, Incinerators, RTOs, Water Bath Heaters, Hot Oil Heaters and Petrochemical Plant Piping Systems.

As an Engineering Director of Gasco, Alan is responsible for engineering management, project group management, design input for mechanical, refractories, piping and pressure vessels, overview of computer systems, standards, drafting, project group resources and review and design approvals.

Alan is actively involved in developing new products, identifying requirements and setting timelines to the benefit of Gasco and its customers.

Alan has obtained a Bachelor Engineering (Mechanical) and Graduate Diploma Chemical Engineering.

Ed Strauks

Engineering Director (Combustion & Control)

Appointed: 1993

Ed started his expansive career as a Combustion Engineer at GCD over 40 years ago and commenced at Gasco in 1993 as Chief Combustion Engineer, progressing to Engineering Director. Gasco has since acquired the business GCD International, which Ed spearheaded.

Ed’s responsibilities as Engineering Director at Gasco are: engineering management, design input for electrical instrument and combustion systems and associated controls inc PLC, SCADA, DCS., design of burners, design of appliances – ovens, incinerators, furnaces, air heaters, driers, flares, control upgrades to current regulations, review and design approvals.

As Engineering Director at Gasco, Ed is responsible for the design, optimisation and implementation of manufacturing processes and equipment. Ed excels at continuous improvement in process design, quality, resource utilisation and cost savings for Gasco and its clients.

Ian Matthews

Sales & Marketing Director

Appointed: 2002

Ian has over 45 years’ experience in the Engineering industry and is responsible for developing and marketing sales as well as the engineering of process equipment.

Since Ian’s appointment as Sales & Marketing Director in 2002, he has directed Gasco’s successful penetration into the Oil, Gas and Power Generation process equipment market aided by the acquisition of Lightning Fabrications and Grimwood electric process heating division.

Ian is responsible for the local and overseas market and has helped Gasco to lead sales and exports to over 24 countries. In conjunction to the above, Ian is committed to helping the environment by being responsible for developing new products for energy efficiency and low carbon future markets.

Ian’s priority is maintaining Gasco’s enviable reputation with all of our clients, including all major Oil & Gas companies as well as EPC contractors, along with Gasco’s motivated and dedicated staff.

Patrick Hennessey

National Service Manger

Appointed: 2002

Patrick has consistently provided exceptional service and commissioning for Gasco and its customers since his inception as National Service Manager in 2002. Previously he worked for GCD International as a Combustion Technician for a period of 6 years.

He is responsible for mobilisation during commissioning of equipment and regular service activities covering Australia and overseas, management of Gasco Service Department and personnel, supply of spare parts and technical enquiries and the supply of engineering Gas submissions and Complex Gas compliance certificates for various complex gas combustion systems and installations.

Patrick has an extensive history of expertise in project management and installation of Gasco manufactured equipment and other suppliers equipment. Patrick is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service to ensure the best outcome and solutions for all of Gasco’s clients.

Keith Hocking

Operations Manager

Appointed: 2016

Keith commenced at Gasco in 2007 as Principal Project Manager and progressed to Operations Manager in 2016. Previous to this his work at Gasco, Keith worked for 5 years as a Business Manager, machine automation and 16 years at GCD International as a Project Engineer, Projects Manager.

Keith’s responsibilities are managing the coordination of manufacturing activities with Gasco Engineering. Site mechanical projects and QA.

As Operations Manager, Keith manages and oversees the organizational activities of the business, managing the supervision, hiring, and training of employees, managing quality assurance programs and strategizing process improvements. Keith consistently strives to improve outcomes in quality, safety, environment, productivity and efficiency.

Keith has an Associate Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical).

Gerard Zammit

Principal Project Manager

Appointed: 2016

Gerard started his career with BHP Billiton as a Cadet Chemical Engineer at the BHP Newcastle Steelworks in the Rod & Bar Division.

He completed 7 years as a cadet engineer working in all of the unit operations of the fully integrated steelworks including the following departments: Combustion, Corrosion, Metallurgical labs, Ironmaking, Steelmaking, Coke Ovens, Sinter Plant, Rolling Mills and Refractories Department. After completing his honours degree in Chemical Engineering, he worked as a shift supervisor at the Ladle Metallurgy Plant, refining molten steel in the Steelmaking Department.

During his career at the Steelworks Gerard managed refractory procurement budgets in excess of $40 million per annum and managed a Steelmaking operation producing $100 million of Steel per year.

He has also held various business development and project engineering and product development roles and has introduced a number of new technologies to the Australian oil & gas market and power generation markets including carbon fibre composite repair for pipelines and induction tightening of power station turbine bolts for rapid turnarounds on power station turbine repairs.

Gerard has over 36 years’ experience in local and international companies in project engineering in oil and gas, furnaces, power generation, pulp and paper, steelmaking, aluminium smelting, aluminium & zinc recycling, aluminium and zinc die casting and refractory work.

He is responsible for Project Management and management of Engineering, Drafting and Procurement staff. Gerard has extensive experience in complex projects and excels at project scheduling and budgeting, staff management, project resourcing requirements and complying to all Gasco, client and statutory specifications.

Gerard has achieved a Bachelor in Engineering (Chem) (Hons) and is a member of Engineers Australia.