Fired Heaters

Gasco supplies Fired Heaters to API 560 and ISO 13705 and proprietary Gasco forced draft convective designs.

A typical API 560 Fired Heater would consist of a:

  • Radiant Section
  • Convective Section
  • Stack
  • Burners
  • Fuel Skid
  • Control System

Gasco, being both a combustion and heat transfer company, is uniquely placed to achieve the best possible outcomes with respect to high thermal efficiencies, low emission, reliable operation and state-of-the-art Burner Management Systems (BMS) to NFPA, IEC and other codes.

Gasco can supply cylindrical or box cabin type direct fired heaters, equipped with low NOx natural draft or forced draft burners.

To increase efficiency, preheating of combustion air can be achieved by adding a variety of air preheater exchangers.

With the demand for ever increasing safety and reliability levels Gasco can design and supply BMS to IEC 61508 Programmable Electronic Safety Systems. We can also provide a basic hard wired system up to SIL 3.

Gasco convective heaters rely on forced convection heating only, are compact and can achieve thermal efficiency of 90per cent using convective heat transfer.

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Fired Heater Upgrades for Existing Units

Gasco has upgraded old existing heaters to improve efficiency, safety and emissions using the latest PLC based BMS and NOx reduction technology.