Flares, also known as gas flares and flare stacks, are a gas combustion device used in industrial plants such as petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and natural gas processing plants as well as at oil or gas production sites having oil wells, gas wells, offshore oil and gas rigs, landfills and underground coal mine gas drainage.

Gasco, along with our technology partner, has supplied flares to the oil and gas industries, flares for petrochemicals, flares for terminals, flares for landfill, flares for sewage (biogas) industries and for coal mines.

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Flares Type

  • Utility (Pipe) flares
  • Steam Assist flares
  • Air Assist flares
  • Gas Assist flares
  • High Pressure Staged flares
  • Enclosed Ground flares
  • Pit/Ground flares

Flame Support Structures

  • Self Supporting
  • Guyed
  • Derrick

Purge Seals

  • Dynamic
  • Molecular
  • Non Pulsating Liquid Vessel


  • Knock Out Drums
  • Staging control
  • Control systems

Hazardous and Non-hazardous Areas

  • Snuffing
  • Remote Flame
  • Radiation Shields Seal Drums
  • Flame and Detonation Arrestors


  • Consulting
  • Radiation shields for offshore


  • Gas treatment plants
  • Gas well testing
  • LNG plants
  • Oil refining
  • Landfill gas (LFG)
  • Sewage lagoons
  • Digestor gas
  • Coal seam methane (CSM)
  • Coal mine drainage
  • Metal smelting
  • Biofuels


  • To Australian and Regional codes and standards
  • Type B Systems


  • Thermocouple
  • Remote IR

Installations Commissioning

  • Gasco's own crew
  • Supervision of third parties
  • Routine commissioning


  • By Gasco TypeB technicians
  • 24 hour on call service
  • Engineering support