• Gasco offers an unparalled variety of heat transfer, combustion, environmental and process products including complete design, supply, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service. Gasco has supplied our products worldwide for both onshore and offshore applications.

Water Bath Heaters

Water Bath Heaters are Indirect Fired Type Heaters usually designed to API 12K, these devices are traditionally used to heat natural gas and oil.

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fired heater

Fired Heaters

Gasco supplies Fired Heaters to API 560 and ISO 13705 and proprietary Gasco forced draft convective designs.

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Hot Oil Heaters

Gasco designs and manufactures a range of Hot Oil Heaters: 100KW to 7,500KW gas-fired, 25KW to 1500KW electric.

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Electric heaters

Gasco specialises in the design and supply of flanged element, electric heating systems for the heating of fluids.

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Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidiser’s (also known as Thermal Incinerator) are a process unit for air pollution control in many chemical plants that decomposes hazardous gases at a high temperature and releases them into the atmosphere.

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Gas Conditioning

Gasco designs, fabricates, commissions and services an extensive range of Process Skids for Gas Conditioning and Oil Treatment.

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Waste Heat Recovery / HRSG

Waste Heat Recovery systems utilise existing energy sources in order to efficiently generate thermal energy, process heat or electricity.

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Flares, also known as gas flares and flare stacks, are a gas combustion device used in industrial plants such as petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and natural gas processing plants as well as at oil or gas production sites.

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Ovens & Furnaces

Gasco can supply a solution to your oven or furnace requirements.  Ovens can include batch and continuous designs, either gas fired or electric or with Thermal Solar assistance.

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Burners & Combustion

Gasco prides itself as a combustion company on its ability to creatively solve your combustion problems.

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Scrubbers & Pollution Control

Air pollution treatment systems are required to meet government and environmental codes, remove undesirable process by-products and recover valuable waste products.

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Fire & Smoke Capture & Destruction

Gasco has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of smoke capture and destruction systems.

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Fibreglass & Stonewool Process Systems

Gasco’s GCD International Fibreglass/Stone Wool (Rockwool) Insulation Manufacturing Machinery Division has designed and supplied equipment which has been installed in many locations, globally.

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Gasco Products by Industry

Gasco has a wide range of clients across various industries including oil and gas both onshore and offshore, power generation, manufacturing, environmental, mining, mineral, chemical processing, refining and petrochemical, food, automotive, waste treatment and biogas and others.

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

One of today’s most widely accepted air pollution control technologies across industry is a regenerative thermal oxidizer, commonly referred to as a RTO.

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Gasco is dedicated to energy transition initiatives and takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously.Gasco meets this responsibility by developing new products for energy efficiency and low carbon future markets, and by utilising current environmentally friendly products.

Delivering Globally

Gasco has a wide range of clients and has delivered our projects and services worldwide.

Gasco Industry Focus

Our Values


Gasco is renowned as a company that does the right thing by its customers and suppliers. We are proud of our continued and long association with many of our valued clients, suppliers and associates.


Gasco uses a systematic approach and develops a detailed plan, working closely with our customer to find the most advantageous solution to any challenges they may have. Doing so in the most efficient and timely manner.


Gasco’s success is due to our commitment to total customer satisfaction and a reputation for over 30 years as a dependable company both in Australian and globally.


Gasco offers a complete whole of life solution right from engineering/ feasibility studies to design, manufacturing, supervision and commissioning, including after sales service and service contracts to ensure your equipment is looked after from design to completion and beyond.


We offer superior value to our customers by complementing our own engineering expertise through technology partnership, strategic associations and licenses with industry leaders that allows Gasco to offer state of the art, bespoke solutions tailored to specific project requirements.


Our strategy enables the highest quality and reliability for our customers. Our policy is to enhance our clients’ operations through the intelligent application of technical and management know-how by providing quality equipment that is fit for purpose and delivered on time.

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