Gas Conditioning and Control Skids

Gasco designs, fabricates, commissions and services an extensive range of Process Skids for Gas Conditioning and Oil Treatment including:

  • Emergency shut down systems
  • Filter coalescers
  • Custody transfer metering with analysers
  • Hot water heater/HX gas heating
  • Water bath heaters API 12K
  • Pressure reduction stations (a Gasco specialty)
  • Black start heaters (electric/steam/hot water)
  • Waste heat recovery for gas heating
  • Total gas conditioning systems for power
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Gasco designs and builds skid-mounted equipment to meet client needs as well as Australian and international standards including: AS1210 AS4140, ASME B31.3, API 12K, etc.

Gasco utilizes 3-D CAD systems to model layouts and enhance layout detail design. Equipment and piping are sized utilizing in-house computer programming and well-known proprietary software. Piping and flange loads are computer-calculated.

Instrumentation and controls are normally part of scope and skids are prewired and functionally factory acceptance tested (FAT) before leaving our workshop.

Multiple skids may be trial interconnected and tested before disassembly for transport. Additional features may include hot or cold insulation and heat tracing.

Gasco has supplied gas conditioning systems for power generation featuring GE, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and Siemens gas turbines as well as reciprocating engines.