Custom Solutions

Over the years, Gasco has tackled many different and unique problems that are not easily categorised.

If you have a combustion or high temperature heat transfer problem or need an upgrade, Gasco has supplied:

  • Ladle, Turdish and Launder Pre-Heaters
  • AnodeStub and Cathode Collector Bar Heaters for Aluminium Smelters
  • Propellant Destruction Furnaces
  • Fired Heaters for Simulating Gas Turbine Operating Conditions
  • Fired Heaters for R&D in the Mineral Industry
  • Conversion of Carbon Bake Burners from Oil to Gas
  • Hydrogen Fired Hot Oil Heaters
  • Heat Recovery from Galvanising Tank
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This is only a partial list of special products.

Photo shows laser calibrated flange alignment jig and regulator train during assembly. Another example of Gasco Custom Solutions.