Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidiser’s (also known as Thermal Incinerator) are a process unit for air pollution control in many chemical plants that decomposes hazardous gases at a high temperature and releases them into the atmosphere.

Thermal Oxidisers are a class of pollution control devices that use the combustion process to destroy hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOC), Hydrogen Sulphide, and other compounds as well as smoke particles and odour, hence they are sometimes called afterburners, fume incinerators or tail gas incinerators.

Gasco Thermal Oxidisers include:

  • Simple Thermal Oxidisers without heat recovery
  • Thermal Oxidisers with heat recovery to process hot oil/water/steam, etc
  • Thermal Oxidisers with preheat of water gas steam (recuperative)
  • Catalytic Thermal Oxidiser
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser – RTO
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Gasco Thermal Oxidisers can handle a wide range of process parameters including variable analysis waste flow rates, calorific values, temperature and oxygen content.

Features of our Thermal Oxidisers are their robust performance, ability to operate at high thermal efficiency and achieve up to >99.99 per cent destruction efficiency.

Gasco Thermal Oxidisers scope may include turnkey projects, designed to comply with our client’s specifications and environmental authority regulations.

We have supplied Thermal Oxidisers to the oil and gas, chemical, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, food, minerals and metals industries.

Heat from the exhaust of a Thermal Oxidiser can be recovered in a Waste Heat Recovery Unit, energy can be utilized in the form of heat transfer fluids – oil, water, air and to raise steam.

A Gasco RTO can provide average thermal efficiency of up to 95+% and use about 20 times less fuel than a TO with no heat recovery. In some applications the VOC present in the waste gas stream may enable the Gasco RTO to operate without any supplementary fuel gas (except at start up). Destruction efficiency of up to 99.5+% is achievable.