Electric Heaters

Gasco specialises in the design and supply of flanged element, electric heating systems for the heating of fluids.

Flanged element heaters are used for:

  • Tank heating (liquids)
  • Pressure vessel heating (gases and liquids)

Both types of flanged heaters are available with Hazardous or Non-Hazardous area rating.
Gasco designs and manufactures the electric heater systems at its Head office in Melbourne, Australia.

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Hazardous Areas

Many industries, ranging from off-shore oil platforms, refineries, gas plants, tank farms and pharmaceutical, through to paint and chemical works have locations designated as hazardous areas where explosive atmospheres may exist.

Gasco design and manufacture heating systems that meet the highest standards for hazardous areas, and are certified to meet the most stringent requirements in the world: The IECEx Scheme.

The IECEx Scheme

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has established a scheme to facilitate international trade in electrical equipment, intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

Heating System Components

Electric Heating systems consist of three basic components:
  • Flanged Element Bundle
  • Vessel or tank
  • Control panel
Gasco can design and provide all three components for a complete heating system solution.

Electric Element Bundles

The element bundle comprises of a main element flange that enables the element bundle to be fixed to a tank or pressure vessel. The element bundle flange is fitted with the appropriate number and design of electric heating elements for the application. All Gasco’s element bundles undergo thermodynamic design, using globally recognised heat exchanger software. The elements and protection / control thermocouples are terminated inside an IECEx d flame proof terminal enclosure.

Pressure Vessels / Tanks

Pressure Vessels or static Tanks are used to house the element bundle. Pressure Vessels are manufactured to ASME Section VIII Div. 1, AS1210, and are designed to be compatible with mating piping systems. A full Manufacturing Data Report (MDR) is provided to our customers. Tank contents may be heated using flanged elements at the base of the tank, and these may either have elements in direct contact with the contents or have an enclosed tube with indirect heating to enable withdrawal of elements for maintenance without the need to empty the contents of the tank

Control Panels

A well designed control panel is critical for efficient and accurate heater control. Gasco design and manufacture control panels to meet the specific demands of each of our customers, which could range from simple on/off switching to complex control systems using multi-layered inputs into a PLC/HMI system, with precise 0-100% Thyristor control.

Capital Costs

Electric heaters are simple in design and compact in size:
  • They involve only a few static components, typically the element bundle, the vessel and the control panel, and therefore there are no wearing parts
  • They generally surpass other heating systems, in controllability, efficiency, reliability and footprint
  • The capital cost is generally lower than other forms of heating

Running Costs

  • As Electric Heaters have no wearing parts, they require little or no maintenance during their life, therefore, maintenance costs are extremely low
  • Electric immersion heaters are extremely efficient. They directly heat the product with infinite thyristor control, to the exact temperature set point
  • They are almost instantaneous in the delivery of heat to the process fluid
  • Therefore, no energy is wasted by the heater, in maintaining a base load level of heat
  • Other heating methods are less efficient, as they heat indirectly and experience greater losses
  • Flanged Immersion Heaters warrant serious consideration for most fluid heating applications

Whole of Life Costs

Gasco Electric Heaters and Control Systems are designed to have:
  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower running costs due to maximum efficiency
  • Minimal maintenance costs
Electric Heaters offer the lowest overall Whole of Life cost, resulting in excellent value for end users as a preferred method of heating.

Green Energy Heaters for the Future

As Electricity Generation moves to higher percentage of renewable energy sources in the future, Gasco Electric Heaters will evolve to offer clients the lowest cost, highest reliability and efficiency heating option, powered by renewable green energy, complying with the low emission energy targets of the 21st Century.