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Fire & Smoke Capture & Destruction

Gasco has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of smoke capture and destruction systems.

Gasco custom designs smoke destruction systems, comprising the smoke collection hoods, dampers, ductwork, exhaust fan, thermal oxidiser and control system to destruct the gases and organic particulates, providing a smoke free, clean exhaust.

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There are three main uses of these systems:

Compartment Fire Fighting Training

The Compartment Fire Training comprises a building housing a network of shipping containers.  Combustible materials are ignited at the far end of a container and the hot gases and smoke builds up within the top of the container.  Fire fighters are trained to enter the container with breathing apparatus and to fog then extinguish the fire.

Forensic Fire Investigation Training

The Fire Investigation Training Facility comprises concrete walled rooms that emulate the rooms of domestic homes.  These are located within a dedicated building.  The typical contents of a room are ignited and allowed to burn to a significant degree before being extinguished.  Trainees are then tasked with discovering the cause and location of the ignition.

Fire Research

Gasco/GCD has supplied a thermal oxidiser and exhaust fan to CSIRO for their Fire Testing Research Laboratory for testing and research of building elements such as fire doors, fire dampers, structural framing and wall/floor/ceiling/roof systems as well as facilities for performing experimental studies of large scale elements of building systems.