Hot Oil Heaters
Gasco manufactures a range of Hot Oil Heaters: 100KW to 7,500KW gas fired, 25KW to 1500KW electric.

The gas fired heaters consist of two concentric helical coils which has the advantage of:
• Compactness
• High Efficiency
• Low Thermal Mass
The dual helical coil design allows maximized heat transfer, minimises thermal stresses and prevents overheating. The coil design has the advantage that ensures high fluid velocities, low film temperatures and no accumulation of gases.
The burner can be selected to suit the application, type of fuel – gas, oil, heavy oil, timber and turndown. The flame shape is carefully matched to the coil configuration. Typical efficiency with air preheating can range up to 88 per cent depending on thermal fluid outlet temperature, fuel, and atmospheric conditions.
Each heater has a pre wired control panel that ensures safe and efficient operation of the heater.
As well as supplying heaters, we can provide skid mounted units that incorporate primary and secondary pumps, expansion tanks, stack and drain/fill tanks.
There are a myriad of applications that are suitable for hot oil heating.
• Gas Plant – Regeneration
• Tank Heating – Bitumen, Wax, Emulsions
• Reactor Heating – Chemical Industry, BioTech
• Platen Presses – Timber Industry, Moulding
• Hollow Flight Screws – Mineral Processing
• Pipe Tracing – Heavy Fuel Oil, Bitumen, Wax
• Ovens – Printing, Automotive
• Extruders – Plastic
• Fryers – Food
• Calendar Rolls – Plastic, Film
• Autoclaves – Aerospace, Rubber, Brick
• Dryers – Timber, Food
• Kilns – Timber
Gasco can supply a stand-alone heater or a total engineered package to suit any or all of the above applications. Turnkey bitumen heating is a speciality.