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Waste Heat Recovery
Waste Heat Recovery systems reduce energy costs, provide carbon credits for emission trading systems and help the environment by reducing emissions.

Gasco provides a comprehensive range of Waste Heat Recovery systems for the following:
• Gas Turbines – Thermal Oil, Hot Water, Glycol
• Gas and Diesel Engines
• Thermal Oxidizers – Thermal Oil, Glycol
• Air Preheat / Recuperators
• Furnaces
• Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)
For gas turbine heat recovery systems Gasco offers a complete turnkey plant comprising:
• Inlet duct
• Divertor valve
• Divertor stack
• Supplementary burner and controls
• Waste Heat Recovery Unit
• Exhaust Stack
Gasco can provide for either individual pieces of equipment or supply a complete turnkey operating system for either a new application or modifying an existing plant.
Our range of services includes:
• Survey/Analysis of existing systems
• Engineering
• Hardware
• Hot Oil, Hot Water or Steam distribution systems
• Erection
• Commissioning
• Turnkey Solution
• Heat Recovery Steam Generators HRSGs