Solar Thermal Collectors for Process Heat

  • Solar PV collectors are well known for electricity generation and low temperature hot water. For large scale solar power generation systems Parabolic Trough, Dish or Tower are common technologies
  • A unique and different application where high temperature process heat is used in a plant, Linear Fresnel collectors can be used to produce high temperature and pressure steam or thermal oil. The Fresnel collectors comprise a number of mirrors that reflect sunlight on to a receiver/ absorber tube which heats up the water/ steam or thermal oil. A number of such arrays are then connected to an ‘accumulator’. This system can be integrated into the heating system of the plant such that any heat being generated through the solar thermal system displaces an equivalent amount of fuel use thereby producing savings in fuel consumption and also emissions.
  • Gasco has an Agreement with Industrial Solar GmbH of Germany, a specialist designer and manufacturer of linear Fresnel and other solar thermal systems. Industrial Solar has links to the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. Unlike several solar thermal technology companies conducting research or establishing pilot plants, Industrial Solar products are in operation in Europe and Middle East.

Industrial Solar -

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