Ovens & Furnaces

Gasco can supply a solution to your combustion requirements. We design and manufacture specialized burners and systems such as 40 GJ/h smelter start-up burners.

We also incorporate other leading proprietary brands of burners in combustion packages to provide our clients with the most cost effective solution.

Specifically, we can offer:


Gasco has supplied Toyota and Ford with major paint line ovens, air houses and material handling equipment. As well as car companies, Gasco has designed, supplied and installed complete paint lines for automotive brake manufacturer, comprising cleaning, powder coat application, curing and cooling.

Gasco has also supplied bogie hearth and continuous ovens for the glass, fibreglass curing, automotive components, paint and chemical drum, and many others.


Gasco has designed and supplied stress relieving furnaces, salt curing baths and heat treatment, and furnaces.

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