Gasco Products by Industry

ALUMINIUM Custom designed heaters or dryers for the following: ladles, crucibles, siphon tubes, cathode collector bars, aluminium scrap, moulds, launders, anode stubs, and anode blocks. Tar waste melt out and collection. Tar Hot Oil Heaters, Air Heaters, Thermal Oxidisers, Gas Conditioning Skids, Carbon Bake Furnace Conversions.

AUTOMOTIVE Paint and Curing Lines, Spray Booths, Ovens, Core Drying, Air Houses, Heat Recovery, Washing Systems, Thermal Oxidisers, RTOs.

BIOFUELS Flares & RTOs for ethanol and biodiesel. Thermal oil systems for process heating.

CHEMICAL Combustion Systems, Air Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Oxidation, Heat Recovery, Hot Oil Systems, Resin Kettles, RTOs.

ENVIRONMENTAL Afterburners, Incinerators, Thermal Oxidisers, Flares, Scrubbers, Landfill Gas Flares, Odour Incineration, Biogas Flares and Burners, Heat Recovery, Soil Remediation Systems, Liquids Incineration.

FIRE TRAINING AND RESEARCH Thermal Oxidisers for Compartment Fire Behaviour Training & Research Centres.

FOOD Air heaters, Ovens, Burners and Combustion Systems, Thermal Oxidisers, Hot Oil Systems, Heat Exchangers, RTOs.

GENERAL INDUSTRIAL Driers, Ovens, Kilns, Furnaces, Hot Oil Systems, Heaters, Thermal Oxidisers, RTOs, WHRUs.

MINERALS & METALS Air Heaters, Driers, Kilns, Hot Oil Systems, Heaters for Launders, Ladles, Burners and Combustion Systems, Start up Burners, Flares & Thermal Oxidisers, RTOs.

OIL, GAS Fired Electric Heaters, Thermal Oxidisers, RTOs, Flares, Waste Heat Recovery, HRSGs, Thermal Oil Systems.

PETROCHEMICAL Hot Oil Heaters, Filter Coalescers, Acid Gas/Tail Gas Incineration, Water Bath Heaters, Crude Oil Preheaters, Condensate Heaters, Pressure Reduction Skids, Heater Treaters, Radiation Shields, Metering Skids, HRSGs, WHRUs.

PHARMACEUTICAL Air Heaters, Driers, Thermal Oxidisers, Flares, Heating and Combustion, Hot Oil Systems, RTOs.

PIPELINE & TERMINAL City Gate Heaters, Gas Conditioning, Water Bath Heaters, Pressure Control Skids, Filter/Coalescers, Metering Skids, Flares, Custody Transfer, Electric Heaters.

POWER GENERATION Gas Conditioning Skids, Turbine Exhaust WHRU, Water Bath Heaters, Electric Heaters, Let Down and Filter/Coalescer Skids, Custody Transfer Metering, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs).

STEEL Heaters and Driers for Ladles, Tundish, Launders, Vessels, Start Up Burners, Combustion and Control Systems, Thermal Oxidisers, Refurbishment of Furnace Combustion Systems.