Solar Thermal Collectors for Process Heat

Gasco has signed a Co-operation Agreement with Industrial Solar GmbH of Germany to promote Solar Thermal systems for Process Heating in Australia and Oceania.

Our Solar Process Heat System generates clean energy for industrial heat grids. The system either generates steam directly or works with different heat transfer fluids such as pressurised water or thermal oil.

The LF-11 Fresnel collector uses high-quality components from the CSP industry and are designed to generate heat up to 400°C in the range of 500 kWth to 30 MWth at pressures up to 120 bar. Individually tracked primary mirror rows are used to concentrate direct solar irradiance onto a stationary absorber tube located in a linear receiver.

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  • Low wind load – Lightweight and robust collector
  • Good weight distribution
  • High ground usage efficiency
  • Remote control and monitoring via LAN
  • Precise temperature and power control
  • Very low water demand and electricity usage
  • Easy cleaning
  • Reliable components for long life (+25 years)

The system periphery consists of: hydraulic components, piping, sensors and indicators, electrical infrastructure, and system control software and hardware.

The lightweight structure makes the system optimal for rooftop installation for industrial and utility facilities.

The Solar Process Heat System can be integrated in various ways, for example:

  • Direct integration into steam grids
  • Direct or indirect integration into water or thermal oil heat grids
  • Indirect integration with a heat exchanger to heat any type of process
  • Solar cooling with absorption chillers

Pictured above: Steam Drum; Fresnel Collector Field – Amman, Jordan; Fresnel Functioning Principle