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Fibreglass & Stonewool Process Equipment

The GCD International division of Gasco Pty Ltd offers services in the design, project management, construction and commissioning of single machinery components through to turn-key production lines and equipment for the fibreglass insulation, stonewool (rockwool) and fibreglass reinforcements industries.
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Gasco Products by Industry

ALUMINIUM Custom designed heaters or dryers for the following: ladles, crucibles, siphon tubes, cathode collector bars, aluminium scrap, moulds, launders, anode stubs, anode blocks. Tar waste melt out and collection. Tar Hot Oil Heaters, Air Heaters, Thermal Oxidisers, Gas Conditioning Skids, Carbon Bake Furnace Conversions.
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Scrubbers and Pollution Equipment

Air pollution treatment systems are required to meet government and environmental codes, remove undesirable process by-products and recover valuable waste products.
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